A World of Service

EMD offers a wide range of services — but our ultimate goal is to consult in order to ready the SME manager for Global Trade and enable SME enterprises to trade globally.

Consulting and Training is done via our Business Management System platform.  The aim is to bring the SME manager to global export readiness by means of:

  1. Business definition and strategy design
  2. Developing business capabilities
  3. Managing business transaction

Trading functions can be outlined as:

  1. Obtain market/marketing information
  2. Form databases and exchange information for sales leads
  3. Seek and establish channels of distribution conducive
  4. Seek and advise any applicable rules and regulations for global trading

Business Management System: A Business Paradigm

Business Management System (BMS) is a paradigm that describes the components of business management and the interaction between its components.

BMS can be applied to any sector, whether manufacturing or service. It was exclusively designed to manage a business, not an enterprise. If there is more than one business within the enterprise, one BMS application is required for each business.

Time — and Client — Tested.

BMS was introduced by the International Trade Center (ITC) and tested in more than a dozen of countries with hundreds of participants.

The Ultimate Goal.

BMS helps build competence in developing and implementing interventions aimed at helping SME managers improve their enterprises’ international competitiveness.

People are Talking About BMS*

Adelphi (Leather Shop), Ms. Nalina Rupani - Kenya
"Before I got introduced to this ITC sponsored www initiative, I had been approached by various website development companies and their focus had been more on design than anything else...”

Kunduchi Natural Food Products, Mrs Imelda K. Rugaimukamu - Tanzania
The workshop was very helpful to me, it came in at the right time and it has solved a number of my problems. The enabling SME in Tanzania and the CIBDS/ITC partnership will enable my enterprise to take off. As a new entrepreneur, the planning workshop will allow me to plan, implement, control, measure and re -correct my business successfully.

Kaplanlar (display units for food products) - Turkey
"We have changed our business definition from cooling units to display units, and with this change of definition we have redesigned our products focusing on the way the cooling units look and not on the cooling system. Our sales have gone up significantly.”

Papirus (packaging products) - Turkey
”We have changed our marketing approach from a product-oriented approach to a consumer-oriented one. The numbers of clients have risen; sales of our traditional products have risen.”

Bukoba Products Company, Deusdedit Stephen - Tanzania
”[The workshop] is wonderful! As if it were intended for our Company Bukoba Products Ltd. conducting Strategy Planning Workshop in Tanzania has provided opportunity of success to SME’s who have been all along doing export business in challenging and unfavourable dynamics. The Workshop has equipped me with tools to attack export market strategically and has proved the concept of market segmentation.
We depend very much on CIBDS and ITC to support and give us technical assistance in planning and implementation of our strategies to attain our objectives.”

Silpo Ltd., Mr. Onder Okan - Turkey
“As an immediate result of the work carried out we have already found an Italian partner and our commercial relations will improve by 2004 due to our company shareholders. ….thank you very much for your assistance in making a very small enterprise, located in a very small district of a small city, globally known and respected”.

Buena Mano Inc. , Tristan Villa-real - Philippines
"We have received an inquiry from an importer based in South Africa (flowers in Victoria) who has placed a sample order. We hope that this will grow to bulk orders. Our website has extended the geographical scope of our market."

Del Tropico, Margarita Montes - Honduras
“Del Tropico has benefited greatly from the E-nabling Programme...The major benefit the E-nabling Programme has brought to the company is that a team has now been trained in order to research competitors´ websites and develop the company’s own website concept.”

Comments on the use of the BMS Approach

Ana María de Saade, Esencias y Sabores de Centroamérica  - El Salvador
“Muy propio para PyMES y muy necesario. Realmente si uno supiera todo esto desde el principio no cometería tantos fracasos en las empresas”.

Luna Panaguiton, Ideal Home Furnishing - Philippines
“Very much happy to be appointed to join the seminar, it gives us a lot of knowledge basis and a pathway to guide us on how, when, where a business have its weakest point. To be adjusted and corrected. We were able to think and realize other opportunities. We can do more things than what we are doing now with our businesses.”

Rex Resurreccion, Passion for Perfection - Philippines
“Very promising and can create breakthrough. I believe it will modernize my business.”

Beatriz de Rampone, Sweet’s  - El Salvador
“Es excelente porque nos aclara y permite ver cuáles son nuestras prioridades”

Gerardo Borromeo, Asian Vine Furniture  - Philippines
“Very specific, attainable, and very helpful to my business.”

Ma. Visitacion Oleas Genson, Aivee’s Clothes Station - Philippines
“If used properly, BMS will be a great tool for owners to achieve their missions in their business."

Myrna M. Sunico, Myriad Import-Export Inc. - Philippines
“The BMS is a breakthrough for the Filipino entrepreneurship. A universal model with simplified methodology wherein our SME managers/owners will be challenged to do business like the CEOs of multinational companies.”

Rodelin T. Malones, Inesoria, Diaz and Malones CPAs - Philippines
“The BMS Approach is the greatest and effective tool to assist managers in the assessment of business operations and strategies as well as in the preparation of the strategic plans.”

Ramon Z. De Jesus, Logistics Essential International
“BMS is a very essential tool for redefining our business. It gave me practical, specific, detailed, strategic planning tool. BMS has shown me new outlook in succeeding business and surefire tool in solving mismanagement.”

Liliana de Narváez, Café Monte Sión - El Salvador
“El BMS es bueno , pero en ocasiones se siente muy cajonero , ya que uno debe buscar las actividades del PLANSME que más se adecuen a los objetivos que uno se ha planteado.”

Ditas Romantico,  Island Gifts and Deco - Philippines
“3 days = 3 Es. You were able to Empower us, Encourage us, and Enthuse us.” “ Excellent! Thank you. Will update you later.”

Caridad Willy, Diwang’s Arts and Handicraft - Philippines
“No guts, no glory. BMS gives more guts, more glory.”

Christine Kintanar, Earth Works Fashion Accessories Corp. - Philippines
“As a start-up company, the BMS has shown me the direction our company should take up!” “Have attended seminars but this one is new and clear, effective and efficient.”

Ibarra M. Santos, Jr., Garsworth Marketing, Inc. 
“It’s a bit long and takes time to apply to a business but a really useful tool in helping us in our business. Personally, I know my knowledge in business is limited, I learned a lot from this seminar. I thought I was doing business management. Now I know that there’s more to learn in BMS with regards to marketing.”

Veronica S. Golez, Fanciful Joys Corp. - Philippines
“Takes time getting used to the first time but definitely a very good tool in making major business decisions.”
“BMS is the way in winning you dream.”
“The transaction cycle is relevant to the company. The BMS is a sure way to win my dream, to be a billionaire in 2005.”

Margarita Dulnuan, Immipugo Handicraft
“It’s a very good guide which I’ll try to adapt as I go along my business. I find it full of information, knowledge and tools.”
“A follow-up seminar is required for us to assess the effectiveness of the BMS.”

José Luis Melgar, Apaneca Coffee Farm - El Salvador
“Es una herramienta muy valiosa para cualquier empresa , para organizarse , lograr metas y objetivos deseados.”

Marino Niere, Green Horizon Marketing 
“It is very informative tool in business operation and system.”

* NOTE: these testimonials were published by ITC Enterprise Management Development