About US

EMD Consulting & Trading Corporation is an independent global network formed by the consultants certifies as experts, advisers, and associates by the International Trade Center (UNCTAD/WTO).

All EMD consultants are trained in the use of the Business Management System (BMS) and its extensions, a program designed and delivered by the International Trade Center's Enterprise Management Development section to help improver managerial, export and e-trade competencies of enterprises.  Each EMD consultant has the ability to adapt BMS by utilizing their knowledge of the local business and its environment. 

EMD is a global network with local vision and perspective. This local vision enable our consultants to assess the needs of their region, confirm the demand, develop training, consulting interventions, and help enterprises participate in international trade effectively and efficiently.

EMD operations are divided into 6 regions where each Regional Director coordinates and manages consultants and oversee projects. 


What makes us different is our motto
From Consulting to Trading”.

We are not just a consulting company but also a trade partner for the SME companies that will be consulted and trained. 

We will facilitate all the SME managers through EMD’s global network for trading their goods and services.